What the BRIQS Foundation does for you?

Organize freedom of use and use of freedom at home within the bounds of the base building and the base building seen from the neighborhood. Open organization and decision making in 4D together with the stakeholders. Including the time of circularity, inclusiveness and fossil free energy in the build environment.

Achieve, improve and accelerate inclusive, fossil-free and circular homes, buildings and neighborhoods. As demands and interests between use and investment in buildings are totally different; unravel the user and investor and involve each to their best interest. Legal, Financial, Technical, Managerial and Social integration and alinement is needed.
Linking, alining and educating Developers and estate agents into new residents demands in home, building and neighborhood. Direct their intelligence, personality and creativity towards business and government. So municipalities achieve higher living quality of citizens and faster transitions to inclusive, circular and fossil-free areas. Business will create higher and personal quality properties with lower risk, higher profit and future proof.

Masterclasses, Projects and Communities set up as a social and knowledge moment and traject. Allowing builders, construction product and material producers and suppliers are equally involved to participate in the various building and neighborhood transitions. Optimize benefits of professional construction business in sustainable projects with respect for balanced short and long term goals and interests of their clients and supervisors.

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Find out more on:

OpenAreas.org for municipalities and utility companies

OpenLiving.net for developers, investors, consultancy and building users

OpenFitout.org for construction and suppliers and producers of construction products and materials

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