How to build faster, renovate easier and become more sustainable easily, better and cheaper?

• How do you estimate the best reliable management and maintenance for you?
• How do you create robust homes?
• How do you create (mental) ownership among residents and limit their housing costs?
• How do you easily adapt a home to the living wishes of residents?

Open Building: Housing associations, developers and municipalities decouple living from the home!

You have the social task of accelerating; more homes, less energy poverty and new creation of social support.

Homes last for centuries, Living changes every day

Every director of a housing association knows that nothing happens without residents, at the same time resident satisfaction is to often low. A low satisfaction leads to mistrust to corporations and with that everything goes slower. While you have an enormous task that requires speed. How about learning a new inclusive approach.

Your employees are overflowing with ideas, but what do the residents themselves want? How do you take all these different needs into account? And how do you decouple these from real estate costs, including management and maintenance? Different doesn’t have to be more expensive; the feeling of ownership of residents contributes to better management and maintenance.

New construction

Tenants are becoming more assertive and tenants of mid-term rental homes also have their own budget. Individual requirements within the home are already difficult to realize, but outside the home you have to take into account all those different residents at the same time, in addition to the neighborhood and the municipality.

How do you do that? Because new construction takes time; by the time the houses are there, there will be other tenants with different wishes.


Existing tenants who climb up the social ladder but do not move due to the shortage on the housing market have more budget and more requirements than before. So how do you get them into your plans?

Of course you want to insulate the houses per block or per complex and get rid of the gas – contractors are also easier to find for larger assignments in the longer term. For the facilities outside the home, such as external insulation, collective central heating boiler and elevator, you need the support of the majority of residents. In short, you won’t get anywhere without residents.

How do you get residents on board if your rental department already has more work than it can handle and, moreover, often has little confidence in residents?

Open Building examples and experience

The briqs foundation is independent and can build a bridge between the corporation and residents. Briqs unburdens and strives for the common interest of the corporation and residents; pleasant and affordable living.

In addition, briqs has experience with Open Building and knows all its possibilities. With Open Bouwen you can start furnish homes if the resident is known. Open Building is not new, shops and offices have been built in this way for years to the satisfaction of owner and tenant. Technology offers opportunities for diversity in homes with industrial construction.

Residents stay longer in the home if their wishes have been realized in it. At the same time, the house can be flexibly adapted to the next life phase or to the wishes of the next resident. This also leads to more satisfaction and cooperation with necessary adjustments to the home and to other residents. The house has thus periodically been kept up to date.

For new construction, open buildings helps to form the group of prospective residents in such a way that they get to know each other before they move in, making it easier to approach them and take their joint wishes into account.

Briqs is your partner and aligns residents with each other and with the corporation. Contact us now for a no-obligation conversation.

This [Dutch langue, subtitles demanded] Pakhuis de Zwijger presentation shows you the practical projects from the past 40 years and today of what this yields for tenants and social housing corporations. Recent research shows more of what makes it possible and how you get rewarded.

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