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The transition to natural gas free for every house, building and neighborhood in your municipality demands a lot from you, your organization and every (prospective) resident. The fresh coalition agreement announces further increases in the natural gas tax and a reduction in the electricity tax. That is why the electricity netting scheme is being replaced by a feed-in fee.

To list it all for you, I have this ebook “Natural gas-free, and how to proceed?” written from the alderman. But I do more to help you and other people involved.

Aldermen Molenwaard Frank Meerkerk and Kees Boender

Start now

Learn from previous transitions in the Netherlands. Work together with network operators and their long-term planning. Offer municipal guarantees for the required investments to building owners or facilitate them and show them the way.

Start already connecting all budgets for areas, buildings and users internally differently. This works best at the start of a new council term, by including it in the coalition contract. But the second best moment is now.

Take a systematic approach

Define a clear hierarchy of decisions and incorporate them into the municipal plans that the college and the city council must approve. That provides transparency and insight. To do this, classify them by neighborhood, basic building, installation and layout of buildings. This makes it immediately clear who must be involved in the interpretation and which preconditions you must set in advance.

You run risks

  • How do you get everyone in line?
  • How do you survive a transition that covers a multiple of your term of office?
  • How do you ensure that you do not stumble but that you profile yourself with this ambitious project?
  • How do you keep the overview?
  • Where do you get the money from?

Handing over to Cora-Yfke Sikkema, alderman for Haarlem

I’m happy to help you

Follow the seven actions and the bonus action from the e-book and take the first step to make your municipality gas-free. I’d like to help you with that. We will continue to work together on your natural gas-free municipality in a personal introductory meeting.

Present all your local challenges to me in the civil, political and social world. At the same time as this energy transition, raw materials and social challenges also have an influence on this. You get practical tools to directly implement the actions from my book in your political life and your civil service organization.

Make an appointment right away

Fill in the form now and make an appointment without obligation in which you will receive your questions. Or go to https://openareas.org/contact/ for more pontact options.

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