2013 Lectures and Seminars

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Workshop for students of the Hogeschool Utrecht

On Wednesday, November 20, 2013 Remko Zuidema met final year students from the departments of Architecture, Construction Management and Industrial Engineering from the University of Utrecht. During a private lecture he emphasized the principles of the Circular Economy, new business models and new organization in the construction industry. Based on this, students will develop their own ideas about circular thinking in construction (industry) and in real estate. Progressive internships are due.

Seminar TU Delft Circular commodity economy

On November 6, 2013 Remko Zuidema gave a lecture on the circular commodity economy with the title: Building Materials, from chain to circle. The particular challenges. The introduction was part of the seminar Tracking of materials, the challenge of TU Delft. Apart from Remko there were speakers from TU Delft, metal employers’ organization FME and from the entrepreneurial side.

Green Building Council Brasil: integration with social sustainability

In 2011 Remko Zuidema hosted a workshop for the Green Building Council Brasil. In December 2012 Remko visited a number of universities like USP, Mackenzie and UNICAMP and companies in Brazil exploring the theme: Energy and natural resources in the context of sustainability. This in preparation for his contribution to the latest developments at the conference of the Green Building Council Brazil in August 2013 in Sao Paulo.

Remko Zuidema spoke in Jakarta on green healthcare housing

Four themes were discussed during the conference Green Right, organized by the Green Building Council Indonesia in Jakarta on April 11, 2013: 1. Indonesia Movement Toward Sustainability; 2. Green Building; 3. Green Cities; 4. Green Healthcare. Remko Zuidema gave his presentation about green healthcare on behalf of The Netherlands Embassy. Of course, he presented the subject in light of the circular economy, flexible and adaptable building and their advantages to the fast healthcare developments.

Masterclass shows profitability of the circular construction economy

On Tuesday, April 2, 2013 Jan- Henk Welink of the Platform Sustainable Materials Management at TU Delft organized a master class on the topic More profit for the building industry because of a circular economy.   Remko Zuidema was the first speaker. He showed that a new circular way of working makes the building industry more profitable. Hennes de Ridder, Emeritus Professor of Integrated Design at TU Delft, spoke about the LEGOlisering of constructionCircular material flows in construction was the subject of the introduction of Duzan Doepel. Doepel is lector for sustainable architecture and urban planning at the Rotterdam Academy of Engineering. Finally Elma Durmisevic gave a lecture on Future Buildings – Design for Disassembly; experiment or necessity? Elma is connected to the faculty of Engineering Sciences at the University of Twente. In the journal Waste of June 2013 there was a report of this master: Circular building requires loose building blocks.

Conference course Bio-Based Building

RDM Campus Rotterdam, Thursday, March 28, 2013. Business models and architectural strategies for closing Bio-Based cycles was the central theme of the sessions of this conference. One aspect of bio-based building that got particular emphasis in the sessions was Bio-based business models and Circular Economy. Duzan Doepel – lector for sustainable architecture and urban planning at the Rotterdam Academy of Engineering – led the session. Remko Zuidema gave his vision.

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