2014 Lectures and Seminars

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Roundtable meeting at NRC Rokin Amsterdam, The Netherlands 16th of december 2014:

Innovative drivers in future city development: http://www.plusbusiness.nl/rondetafelgesprek.php (Dutch)

DGBC.nl Partnership day, Workshop Are Healthy Buildings Sexy?: 27th of November 2014 at Forbo Assendelft, The Netherlands

Who wants a healthy building? What is a healthy building worth and how to buy or sell a healthy building? http://www.dgbc.nl/content/dgbc-participantenbijeenkomst (Dutch)

Lecture at VIBA Expositie: 6th of November 2014 Den Bosch The Netherlands at 20:00

briqs - viba me

How private commissioning works in the dense city environment. This talks about the stacked buildings with multiple functions, users and owners finding a way to join strength.

Dutch Design week Eindhoven: Monday 20th and 23rd of October 2014 at Circular Economy HOTSPOT

lectures: The two requirements on Circulair Economy in buildings.

Two tasks leading to completion of the circular economy in buildings and its surroundings:
– Moving in thinking and doing 3D into 4D in buildings and so to participate in the building development through time;
– From ONE to TWO customers – the user and the investor – emphatically as co-principals looking towards the construction industry.

On the basis of examples showing the renewable potential in the arising market and how that market in different countries have responded. The Netherlands was far ahead 20 years ago and is now overtaken by countries around the world based on this Dutch originally thought. We directly focus on the social impact into their decisions in the circular economy. So now the systems (Profit / Prosperity) implemented through the Social (People) interests that enable the Ecological (Planet) conditions for life and health.

Lecture: 25rd of September 2014 at Surya University, Environmental Engineering, Serpong Indonesia

“How social & ecological loops come together in 4D development of buildings”

At the Bandung Smart City Conference & Mini Expo 2014 by ITB

This conference took place on 22 and 23 of September 2014. This as part of a week of meetings as part of the NL delegation. See Smart City Collective for more information. During this stay in Bandung, we have created a short film about our cooperation on Smart Cities:

In Bahasa Indonesia:

In English:

In Dutch:

At the Jakarta Green Building Conference, APN Meeting & Mini Expo 2014 by GBC Indonesia

This conference took place on 8 and 9 May 2014. It is the third time that Remko Zuidema participates. This year for the first time in collaboration with the State Service for Entrepreneurial NL, organized for Dutch entrepreneurs in sustainable building in Smart City Collective visit.

NAVS theme meeting Sustainable use of natural resources and property rights

On 17 April last, Remko Zuidema took part in an open and engaging panel discussion on sustainable use of natural resources and property rights. Together with Ed Nijpels (NLingenieurs), Thomas Rau (Rau Architects) and Florens Slob (Van Gansewinkel Group). A lively discussion with the present real estate parties and Amersfoort councilors followed until late at night.

Remko Zuidema moderator at Reframe Housing 2014

Recently, on April 15, Remko Zuidema was a moderator at the workshop Smart financing; new business models at TU Eindhoven, together with Thomas Verhagen (Dialogues House). Read more on our Smart Financing blog about the event. Funding is a major bottleneck getting the housing market back on track. For funding, a provable cash flow, reduced risk, and hard and soft securities are important. But waiting for money from our regular banks, which are increasingly talking about sustainable financing, is not really necessary.

After all, a bank may also provide other essential services, such as assessing and spreading of risks or serving as a network / platform of knowledge and a distribution channel for smart (financial) products. We are growing towards earning for multiple parties: the evolving user or investor enter the market along with the funder and other stakeholders. Why are crowd funding, credit unions and social impact bonds still used so little?

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