2015 Lectures and Seminars

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ETH Zurich, The Future of Open Building Congress, september 9-11 Zurich CH

open_buildingimg_3360Congres with BRIQS presentation of “Open Building as the basis for Circular-Economy Buildings” on Monday 9th 17 hours. This is a report of the congress.

In addition to the three days conference with many lectures and presentations, we paid a visit to Inselspital in Bern CH and a high school. Both built according to open building principles building, the University Hospital has an first aid area, research and analysis labs and operating theaters combination realised in one building.

Circularity in the Build Environment on July 1st 2015 at TU Delft, faculty of Architecture.

Lecture/Workshop Time Based Design as 1,5 hour information, documentation and workshop on the developments in Japan, Finland and The Netherlands. More information on c2cinspiredlab and the BRIQS presentation download.

Towards a circular economy in construction May 22 and June 18, 2015 | 09:00 to 12:30 hours LEF future center Rijkswaterstaat

Brainstorm sessions on the establishment of a circular economy in construction. Policy doesn’t make the construction circular, but it can help. Think tank under professional supervision of LEF future center Rijkswaterstaat with the smartest role of government for a circular economy in construction.

Circular Economy opportunities workshop Genk (B) 28th of april on the impact and business of Open Building to the region.

Flemish and local partners command mapping the regional potential of circular economy in co-creation sessions. In addition to creating new business plans are also considered how the spatial and economic development can be best aligned, an important aspect in the TOP Limburg project. The results of the co-creation sessions confirmed the potential of the region in this new “circular economy”!

Responsible residents bootcamp: 11th of April 2015 at Park 20|20 Hoofddorp The Netherlands

In the full day program from 10:00 until 17:00 a group worked on fulfilling their home potential. They got the introduction for residents who take their health, energy consumption and virgin material use and their changes serieus and are willing to self action. For more information of next workshop go to www.briqs.org.

Smart City Collective to Bandung

The latest visit in the last week of februari leading to these projects in this video. Now on with preparations to the AsiaAfrica Conference 22-24th of April in Bandung to show the results.

Group Decision Room meeting Biobased Buildings

Almost 30 participants came together on the afternoon of March 31 in the research farm of Wageningen University in Valthermond (Drenthe NL). The came to discuss the impact of building materials on indoor climate and further to the health impact of the actual users in the buildings. BRIQS was part of the group to focus on the needed insights of interest of end users and investors. How to measure the effects and how to present this as an argument for clients to choose wisely in their building. A big list of ideas was created and partly discussed. Further development in the Green Deal Biobased bouwen (in Dutch) will follow.

Green filmmaking workshop ‘Sustainable Production in Practice’

took place March 19 from 13:30-17:30 pm (+ drinks) @pllek in Amsterdam with over 30 participants out of the film industry. How do we deal with our materials and products on the set? Especially in ‘the middle of noware’ a fun challenge! See the movie of the event:

Find a comprehensive report (in Dutch) at their website www.greenfilmmaking.nl of Filmfonds.

Workshop Circular Economy in practice: 3rd of Februari 2015 at TUDelft

How different is Real Estate in the Circular Economy in comparison with other parts of the economy? An hour lecture on Real Estate in the Circular Economy. Find the presented slideshow on Slideshare.

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