2016 Lectures and Seminars

Beginning this year the BRIQS Foundation and Remko Zuidema propagates this advancing philosophy on new platforms

Remko Zuidema is often on the list of speakers when a meeting/ workshop in the world is about:

  • New resources on earth are limited, so wise (re)use is important;
  • a circular economy in buildings leading to Total Cost of Use and Ownership;
  • a leading role for the customer in the building process, next to the investor;
  • modernization of the building process into responsible professional partnership;
  • new business and earning models in design, construction, maintenance and beyond.

And that is not surprising: his philosophy offers the sector a prospect of a new future beyond the crisis, both at a national and an international level. Remko not only propagates his view in the Netherlands but also in Brazil and Indonesia.

Coming up:

Go to OpenLiving.net/masterclass for more on home owners and user

Go to BRIQS.org/masterclass for more on developers, construction companies and suppliers.

Go to OpenGebieden.nl/1 op 1 for becoming fossil free in cooking, warm water and heating at home, in your building and neighborhood.


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