Will the real circular building provider and materials expert please stand up!

(As published earlier on the CircularCity website) I have had a strange dream last night. On the sidewalk I almost ran into to a man who was looking really pleased at a newly refurbished façade. “What exactly do you see?”, I asked him. “A beautiful piece of craftsmanship”, was his answer and he told me […]

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demolitione low

Material value and reuse? The end-user couldn’t care less. Or otherwise?

(As published earlier on the CircularCity website) For you as an end-user without any influence, a building holds little value, so you will not care much about what happens to it later on. This puts you in direct opposition to the investor, although he has hardly any problems with throwing materials away. Currently, as an end-user […]

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beton pijler

NEXT21 Japan, adaptation key example to sustainable implementation

Do we have no need in growing experience in renewable energy deployment anymore? Do we know everything already and never anything went wrong? Modifications to systems and buildings facilitates change from previous implementation versions. Without this key to improving loss-models they can not be upgraded or the threshold to learn of improvements will so high that it does not get […]

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