How can I help you to create Inclusive (Circular and Fossil Free) Buildings?

In recent years, many have talked about circular, natural gas-free and sometimes also about inclusive. With the latter, the sometimes difficult arrangement between the building user and the financier / owner is meant. What does it mean as a dwelling the resident follows in the needs of life with, for example, simple adjustments? And then those adjustments are then quickly realized without worry for neighbors and permits.

Therefore, I provide a regular blog with the many challenges and solutions aimed at you. My goal with this blog is to help you realize what you further help at home, at work and in the neighborhood. Also, I would like to make this community a reality where we exchange ideas, give each other tips and support each other. Being a source of inspiration for you, giving to others and sharing each other’s knowledge with you.

A caring society in transition to the prevention of energy use, from fossil fuels and products and to sensible circular alignment between use and investment in buildings.

But to achieve that, I need your help first. And that’s why I wonder … where can I help you?

So what do you want me to write about?

What topics are interesting to you?
Where do you want to learn more about the coming months?
What have you experienced or seen to prevent, or just to realize your version? What questions or ideas do you have?
What do you need to achieve your goals and your partner’s home?
Also, think of what day of the week and when you would like to receive my blog. What matters best to your life to hear and read about this?

So especially, where can I help you? Post these topics to help you in the comments field below. As a thank you for your response, you will receive this PRESENT: a free 1 to 1 session worth € 197!

This is a 30-minute Skipping Coaching session, setting your first concrete steps to define and realize your professional building goals!

Do not mind to mention a topic that others have already mentioned. Just add it to or like the one mentioned earlier. For example, I can see which of the topics are the most important and I love to start with it now.

Take the next step and share your experiences

Do you want to take a next step? Come to the FREE* Masterclass. We will work with practical tools to instantly implement the actions of my ebook in your organizational, fiscal or financial projects and organization.

Join the conversation

Do you know how to build that new way and what you need? What benefits for use do you see, which one is the most important? Share it in the comments below.

To your health and wellbeing,

Remko Zuidema

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