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Construction Law in the Netherlands and Europe differ on key points of each other. This doesn’t make the position of all those involved in the building process any easier. Read how this really fits together and act on it to your advantage.

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Home buying differently: Why buy the road when you only want to drive?

Imagine this! You are looking for a new car because your two children sitting in the backseat will soon be three. But before you can choose a car, you will have to build the road first. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? And yet that is exactly how the traditional building world often works. BRIQS is committed […]

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Build Fight

Why a traditional building contract is so dangerous for you

What do you want from a contractor? That he builds exactly what you ask for, right? In the Netherlands you rarely get that, because you’re not the one in charge under a traditional Dutch building contract. Money is leading. Not your money, but the contractor’s money. And he can not really earn a living unless […]

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How to increase your influence and options with Open Buildings

Can I ask you something? Who do you think is the best sponsor when it comes to your new home or workplace? Is that the investor, developer, architect or contractor? No, that really is you! For years BRIQS has been arguing passionately for more influence for you in the development and construction process. Experience and research […]

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Landlords need to be prepared for the new Dutch Social Support Act (WMO)

In Holland landlords must prepare themselves for the implications of the new Dutch Social Support Act (WMO*), executed by municipalities. The new WMO states that municipalities and tenants no longer need the permission of the owner for home modifications. Another fact: When the tenant leaves, he or she does not have to undo the modifications. […]

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Do you live in one of the first homes embracing the stacked building?

Your own selfbuilding plot in the middle of the city, so you can build a home exactly the way you want it? With stacked selfbuild buildings you make this dream come true including an amazing view. How about this list of the financial, organizational and legal challenges for you. This Helsinki example shows you how, but The Hague […]

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