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To achieve a circular economy and increased users ownership next to property owners of the finished product, the construction process will have to be drastically revised. Here’s how it will take shape, and how the role of the various parties will therefore change.


Will the real circular building provider and materials expert please stand up!

(As published earlier on the CircularCity website) I have had a strange dream last night. On the sidewalk I almost ran into to a man who was looking really pleased at a newly refurbished façade. “What exactly do you see?”, I asked him. “A beautiful piece of craftsmanship”, was his answer and he told me […]

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roadblock square

Home buying differently: Why buy the road when you only want to drive?

Imagine this! You are looking for a new car because your two children sitting in the backseat will soon be three. But before you can choose a car, you will have to build the road first. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? And yet that is exactly how the traditional building world often works. BRIQS is committed […]

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Build Fight

Why a traditional building contract is so dangerous for you

What do you want from a contractor? That he builds exactly what you ask for, right? In the Netherlands you rarely get that, because you’re not the one in charge under a traditional Dutch building contract. Money is leading. Not your money, but the contractor’s money. And he can not really earn a living unless […]

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Sea of Roofs

Open Building as a blueprint for affordable adaptable homes worldwide

Did you know that there exists a method called Open Building that allows affordability, happiness and health to link buildings in developing cities? You only need to look at yourself to know when you feel really happy in your living or working environment. That is when you have an influence over it, when that environment […]

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