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Economic principles are the basis for choices of both end users and investors. Investments are – in addition to stocks and bonds – an essential way to transfer long term money, to speculate or as collateral for bank loans. For users a building constitutes a cost to deliver value to live or work.

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Open Building as a blueprint for affordable adaptable homes worldwide

Did you know that there exists a method called Open Building that allows affordability, happiness and health to link buildings in developing cities? You only need to look at yourself to know when you feel really happy in your living or working environment. That is when you have an influence over it, when that environment […]

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Do you live in one of the first homes embracing the stacked building?

Your own selfbuilding plot in the middle of the city, so you can build a home exactly the way you want it? With stacked selfbuild buildings you make this dream come true including an amazing view. How about this list of the financial, organizational and legal challenges for you. This Helsinki example shows you how, but The Hague […]

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Shedding new light on ownership and revenue in construction

Do you realize that every building is important to two very different parties with totally different interests? On the one hand there is the investor who wants to make money. On the other hand there is you, the user. What you want is to live, work and enjoy leisure there. Suppliers that exclusively focus on […]

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