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Resident or worker in a building, being frequently or just occasionally entering. It can be a tenant or client of a company or shop residing there. Resident, worker or visiter of a building which thereby frequently or just occasionally enters. This may be a tenant or customer of a residing company.


How to increase your influence and options with Open Buildings

Can I ask you something? Who do you think is the best sponsor when it comes to your new home or workplace? Is that the investor, developer, architect or contractor? No, that really is you! For years BRIQS has been arguing passionately for more influence for you in the development and construction process. Experience and research […]

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How flexible building creates room for your future

Chances are you are already familiar with the term “flexible working”. But what do you know about (the) “flexible building”? Probably not as much so let me help you, because flexible building is the ultimate solution for future-proof living, working and leisure in buildings that are always ready for what you want next. I would like […]

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Indoor climate under high voltage spoils your health. What do you do about it?

Shocking News! I was being electrified in my own bed and did not know it. I was surprised to hear it, but it certainly explained why we had problems getting up in the morning. This we recently found out, thanks to an investigation by a building biologist. I had asked him to look into the air quality […]

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