The past several years I met a lot of executives and expert professionals that are being hindered at home by a difficult coordination with their partners in work or for the children. And that is such a shame! What could you have achieved if your home neatly matched your needs in your life with a place of rest at home? In developing “the new working” for your partner, you are totally missing the equally necessary “the new living”! That is why you should now start the journey towards your DreamHome. Do you like that?

That’s why I’m starting now, writing regular blogs aimed at you. My goal for this blog is to help YOU get what will help you progress at home. I also want to use this blog to create a community where we can share thoughts, give each other tips and help each other. Being a source of inspiration for you, others and sharing knowledge with you.

For example, I want to help you to set your living goals and to realize your living dreams. And to neatly combine those with your other goals in life, like work, leisure, and your health. I want to help you to take the right steps and to implement these steps into your DreamHome. That’s how I want to help you to be successful in your DreamHome.

But to be able to achieve that, I need your help. And that’s why I want to ask you… How can I help you?

So what do you want me to write about?

Which topics interest you?
What do you want to learn more about in the coming months?
What have you seen or experienced that you want to avoid or that helped you realize your dreams? What questions or ideas do you have on those issues?
What do you need to reach your goals and those of your partner at home?
Also please think of what day and time of the week you want to receive my blog. What matches your life the best to hear and read about this?

So mainly, how can I help you? Post the topics that I can help you with in the comments below. As a thank you for your response I will give you this GIFT: a free LIVING Coaching Strategy session with a retail price of €197, -.

This is a 60-minute coaching session in which you will take your first concrete steps towards defining and realizing your living dreams.

Don’t hold back, even when you want to suggest something that has already been mentioned. Just suggest it anyway. That makes it possible for me to see what topics are most important so that I can preferably start with those.

I am eagerly looking forward to your response!

To your health and wellbeing.