klussen voor dummies squareDo you rent a house or apartment and does your landlord not allow you to customize your home to your personal needs and wishes? Unless you restore everything to its original state when you leave? Then use the approach of the housing corporation ‘De Goede Woning’ in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, to inspire your own landlord. Because ‘De Goede Woning’ allows its tenant to customize their home within very clear and generous arrangements. BRIQS advocates that this approach will become the Dutch standard.

Have you any idea where the unfounded fear of many landlords for non-professional DIY-ers comes from? I do! It is the fear of maintenance departments who see their work dry up or base their judgment on that one ramshackle house with fire hazards. They look at themselves as the professionals, tenants are amateurs. Surely D.I.Y. stores like HomeBase and Home Depot would not be doing such good business if they sold unsafe and poor materials and all their customers were bunglers. In the Netherlands and Europe the quality of building materials is well-controlled and countless job brochures show that you really can do it yourself. With or without the help of handy family members, neighbors and professionals.

Clear information and arrangements

Housing corporation ‘De Goede Woning’ shows good faith in its tenants, takes the time to inform them properly and make explicit arrangements with them:
The corporation is authorized and responsible for maintenance and modifications to the base-building.
The tenant is authorized and responsible for a proper and safe fit-out.
And if the tenant wants to leave (part of the) maintenance to the corporation, it is possible.
Everything is described in a series of self-explanatory brochures, that can all be found on their comprehensive website.

D.I.Y. in a rented house

About the DIY modifications ‘De Goede Woning’, among other things, states:
It is settled by law that tenants may customize their home.
Many customizations are possible. And when you leave the house, most can be left unaltered. Indeed, under certain conditions, tenants get a fee for the modification. For example when the modification has a positive affect on the value of the property.
The technical housing consultant of ‘De Goede Woning’ coordinates it all and is the liaison for all tenants.

What mainly appeals to me in the approach of ‘De Goede Woning’? The serious time and effort this corporation invests in the desire of their tenants to turn a rented house into a real home. Does this story make you envious or do you recognize it? With this information BRIQS can help residents tackle their fit-out professionally so they really get what they want.

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