• YES, I’m very happy to come to the Masterclass!
  • Yes, I understand that it is a great session where I’m learning a lot
  • Yes, I understand that buildings are used personally and that I want to experience what it means to me
  • Yes, I understand that I get a huge discount for this masterclass of normally 497 Euros
  • Yes, I understand that I can only come if I contribute 27 euros (if ordered in time) in the cost of materials, snacks, coffee, tea and room rental
  • Yes, I understand that I do not get this money back if I do not come
  • Yes, I understand that these sessions take place in the vicinity of Amsterdam (in-company upon request)
  • Yes, I understand that the session lasts from 1 to 5 pm and that I must be there in time
  • Yes, I understand that from 12 o’clock that day I can already walk in for tea and coffee, will be meeting the other participants and previously had lunch elsewhere

All set now!

BEWARE: normally the masterclass is in the DUTCH language. YES, English language masterclass available upon request. Please use the links on our contact page to inform us.

Book your ticket directly below!

Super to see you come; I’m looking forward meeting you!

On your interpretation of your (re)construction,

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