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Imagine this! You are looking for a new car because your two children sitting in the backseat will soon be three. But before you can choose a car, you will have to build the road first. That sounds absurd, doesn’t it? And yet that is exactly how the traditional building world often works. BRIQS is committed to your interest as a driver so you only need to concern yourself with driving the car that suits you best. Do you want to know how? Please, read on…

A true profession

Building is true profession. That not only applies to making buildings but to the construction of roads as well. In the Netherlands you pay road tax so you can make use of a fantastic network of well-maintained roads with porous asphalt, clear signage and so many gas stations that you never really have to end up running out of fuel. That is something we take for granted, even though we may already drive electrically and in a few years even without a driver. It also ensures you can give your full attention to the car that you want to drive on these roads.

Focus on your fit-out

Also in construction, we can ensure that you only need to focus on the part that is most important to you, namely the fit-out. You determine where you want to eat, relax, bathe, sleep, work, work out etcetera and you focus on dividing the total space available for all these activities. You choose your installations for air, light, heat and internet, tailored to your needs and health. You select a bathroom and kitchen and the distinct materials and colors to create your own home. You are in the driver’s seat for your interior and you deal directly with your favorite supplier. In Japan you can even walk through your ordered interior in the factory before deciding on the final purchase and then have it installed as a whole. That is the future BRIQS aspires for you too.

No knowledge of the base building

And the base building with its foundation, structure, façade and roof and connection to utilities at your front door? Those you will leave in the capable hands of the (road) builder or developer. An architect or developer has the most expertise on and interest in this base building. Because the base building has a long lifespan. That is what makes for an interesting investment, because the project can either be sold to the investor or to you. An investor is happy if he does not have to invest in your bathroom and kitchen which both have a much shorter lifespan. Actually, it is not even an investment, but a useful asset … for you! This way, your pension fund can limit itself to investing in just the ‘brickwork’ and stop spending your retirement money on kitchens and bathrooms. A very big win for both – you and your pension fund – parties.

Furthermore, I am sure that every Homeowners Association (HOA) will jump to the ceiling when the base building is no longer their responsibility. As will the owner of the building who, in the current situation, has no say because the HOA decides what the owner should spend on maintenance, renovation and so on. That absurd situation is also fixed immediately when separating the base building from the fit-out.

Building an entire home

If you have an entire home built, you obviously will have to concern yourself with the base building. How do you do that? Since you have no understanding of the foundations and supporting structures. BRIQS gladly gives you this valuable tip: Look for an innovative building partner who wants to enter into a purchase contract with you, based on your schedule of needs and conditions. Ignore the traditional partners working with a building contract based on a schedule of requirements. That will save you a lot of misery as you can read in this article blog.

What are your desires?

Formulating your real desire is not so simple. Take your time and look for professionals who want to think along with you with an open mind. What is important to you and how does your future look like? How can your home follow all the developments and new needs? Looking at and developing the base building and fit-out separately your home will offer maximum flexibility. BRIQS helps you on your way with the E-book Your Dream Home in seven practical steps available for downloading from the site OpenLiving.

Take the next step and share your experiences

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Join the conversation

Do you know how to build that new way and what you need? What would it mean to you to look at the base building and fit-out as two separate entities? Would it make building easier for you? Share it in the comments below.

To your health and wellbeing,

Remko Zuidema