BRIQS Foundation (Stichting BRIQS)

100 WATT building, 8th floor

James Wattstraat 100

1097 DM Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Call +31 20 6780 780


Chamber of Commerce (KvK) Amsterdam No. 5419 8399

Benelux trademark registration (R) No. 912498

EU trademark registration (R) No. 10974624


Remko Zuidema is though BRIQS Foundation partner of Happy Planet Professionals. This is a movement of socially conscious independent professionals. We want to maximize our positive impact on society and minimize our negative impact. We focus on integrity and transparency, human and animal welfare and climate, nature and the environment.

Remko Zuidema is individual member of the CIB (International council for research and innovation in building and construction) and participating in workgroup 104 on Open Building Implementation.

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