Webinar en Workshop Re-Use and Remanufacturing

The demand for sustainability is growing, both from the government and the consumer.

Products must be reliable and last as long as possible. To what extent has your company already responded to that? The markets are moving fast and the front runners know more and more customers to commit themselves, against the costs. Customers are increasingly critical and have access to more information. Being is thereby resulting thereby, therefore, as a result of this, as a result of this, for example, in order to be able to turn around for example.

How do they do that? In two words: circular business.

They re-use and remanufacture their products and raw materials. These products are of excellent quality and remain good for a long time, with parts that are easily replaceable or can be easily repaired. Where the not possible is (re)used to their side to productions in mountains. This is always about within the production chain. The service that is performed in this process also contributes to greater customer satisfaction and bonding.

Preparation one; a free Webinar!

Two Re-Use en Remanufacturing Webinars are this March, book fast! The Webinars are aimed at professionals active or interested in moving into remanufacturing. Click the button below for more information on the Webinar. The Workshop going deep into your business demands will be given later this spring.

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Circular entrepreneurship is no longer a future music.

A company that does re-use and remodeling has an advantage in tenders. That they know better what the customer wants and they can clearly present their resources in the screen, but it is the production process of the streamlining that precisely meets the current demand from the market. They have more control over the building process, are assured of their cost reductions. Their rewards are increased. Not just the producer and the consumer advantage, but also the environment, but not least the environment, the best of terms publications.

With this Webinar and future Workshop you get all the resources you need to bring your company up to date. Prevent surprises by increasing the independence and efficiency of your business.

Webinar and future Workshop information details

The Webinar information you find after pressing the buton. This future Workshop will take place at TU Delft, lunch included. The Webinar and Workshop are made in cooperation with the Wuppertal Institut, VIT Finland and EIT Raw Materials by the TUDelft faculties of IO, 3ME and BK. Stichting BRIQS has taken the initiative to give the Workshop ‘Re-use and Refabrication’ to you and to get a special offer for you now.

This Webinar and Workshop are of course irreplaceable to your company; naturally you want to participate in these changes! And especially as we give this workshop for the construction sector for the first time. You will receive the handles that will make your company a circular company. You learn what opportunities there are and how you ensure that you do not let them down.

As a bonus you get the opportunity to participate in the CoCycle Community program. In addition to substantial discounts on workshops, you also get access to the network of like-minded people in circular construction.

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