Free Masterclass

Free Masterclass

How do you combine quality and profit in the construction industry? What is your connection between the world of resources all the way to that of practical use? Do investors, financiers, and users recognise your expertise?

This masterclass will provide you with clear insights into the latest developments in inclusive building and (fossil-free and circular) real estate. From product to resource, and from resource to product! Besides the techniques behind inclusive building, we will discuss the economic, legal, and organizational points of view that different parties can, will (or should) take. We link facility management, real estate management, building management and the industrial organization of manufacturers and materials. Through working in interdisciplinary masterclasses, you will also learn by sharing insights with the other participants. The CoCyle Cards game will further help structure your understanding of circularity within the field.

I will help you take stock of the circular possibilities in your industry and show you how to understand the bigger Inclusive Building picture at the same time. Take a look inside the CoCycle Community and discover:

  • What exactly your company’s vision is;
  • How your vision matches the wishes and demands from investors and end-users;
  • What is important to whom and how you need to prioritize accordingly;
  • What choices you have and how to choose;
  • What knowledge you already have readily available;
  • What influence you have;
  • What the real win-win in working together is.
From beginning to end, you will learn what the influence of use is on your project, and how – by taking end users into consideration – your entire proces will benefit. It is only when you start to consider the final product and its daily use, that you can really be part of the circular economy. This does not just consider the immediate intended use, but also the changes in use (and demands of the product) over time. What works now might have to be (able to be) adapted in a few years!

After this masterclass, you will know how to take changing demand into consideration and who to work together with to realise that within your own company. That way, you can chart your optimal development trajectory and map out a detailed plan for the future. For a circular and inclusive future! This interdisciplinary masterclass brings together entrepreneurs from every part of the industry. Is your organisation – whether it’s in maintenance and management, real estate, design, building or demolition – future proof yet?

After this masterclass, we guarantee you’ll have discovered:

  • Your company’s vision;
  • Your investors’ and users’ wishes and demands;
  • Where your priorities should lie;
  • Which options you have;
  • What knowledge you have at your disposal;
  • How to exercise your influence;
  • And, most importantly, how to use the power of working together!

Are you overwhelmed by examples, wishes and ideas for your (re)construction company and have no idea where to start? Make use of this opportunity to get clarity! Find out what’s best for you and your organization in terms of quantity, quality, budget, and time.

I’d like to take you on a journey to get a full overview of your options, and to help you make a quick and clear decision  about what you need for your project.

This Masterclass normally costs €497,-, but you haven’t met me yet… therefore we have this special offer for you! Book now for this FREE* Masterclass to effectively proceed to implementing your wishes, requirements and constraints in your work. Find out in how little time you’ll be back on track in the hugely changing world of buildings and how you can stay permanently up to date and connected!

* A small fee is required to cover materials, coffee and tea, and the location.

  • I will treat your information confidential.I refer to my Privacy Declaration

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