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  • Jour interest lies in the Circular Economy implementation in buildings and especially homes?
  • Your driven into exceed the pleasure of home customer value to exceed their expectations?
  • You are empathizing with your end user client to create healthy solutions for them?
  • You are taken forward by looking for cooperation and team response to build for happy residents and end users?
  • Your goal is using your skills to the full into healthy and productive use of raw materials and energy in homes?

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Nobody expects the supermarket to make their furnishing by the shoppingmall owner, right? Let alone that shopping mall owner can determine how the shop will have to look from the inside to be the best…

Why are we still expecting developers, housing corporations and investors to realize the fit-out of our homes? Then they even determine the full implementation thereof, and for those few remaining options they charge us a ludicrous price…

And that in a time where every resident has unique personal housing needs, housing needs that increasingly diverge and moreover constantly changing rapidly in our successive stages of life into a surprising direction to all of us again and again…

The world of buildings faces enormous challenges, but especially for special quick fixes. Marjet puts them in sequence for you (in Dutch only…):

Towards home enjoyment tuned with sound economic and environmental principles

Adaption of changeWhen implemented into new business models and ownership principes they will lead to a better enjoyment at home now and preserve the freedom of residents for future new adjustment. Interested in examples proving that? Openness to the unknown future for each occupant is invaluable.

You have found your community to work with

This open concept leads to different starting points, all based on physical, financial and mental disengagement from base building and fit-out and linking development to use:

  • The lifetime is disengaged; few years for furniture, more than ten years for an fit-out and a hundred years for the basic building and up to a thousand years for the area;
  • The property is also split. The furniture of each user, fit-out is owned by the occupant, the basic premise of the group and the area of the city;
  • In structural engineering a separation can occur between installation art and the construction of the base building;
  • In the operating model involves consuming during installation, with the basic premise to invest and in the area to value creation.

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